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  • Vaibhav Kumar

    Vaibhav Kumar

    An actual Time Traveller from the past

  • Rachit Bansal

    Rachit Bansal

  • Harshall Lamba

    Harshall Lamba

    I know some Machine Learning

  • Rahul Bhalley

    Rahul Bhalley

    Author of Deep Learning with Swift for TensorFlow | Machine Intelligence Researcher |  Developer

  • James Le

    James Le

    Data >< Product >< Community | https://jameskle.com/ | @le_james94

  • Jade Lee

    Jade Lee

    I’m happy to be me.

  • Hi Tiffany!

    Hi Tiffany!

    Walking through the second chapter of my life by asking: What can I do for the world? You’ll find the answer at http://misstiffanysun.com/about

  • Cassie Kozyrkov

    Cassie Kozyrkov

    Head of Decision Intelligence, Google. ❤️ Stats, ML/AI, data, puns, art, theatre, decision science. All views are my own. twitter.com/quaesita

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