Love, Regrets and Hope — Again


Search Based Structured Prediction — by Graham Neubig

Parsing with Dynamic Programming — by Graham Neubig

Generating Incremental Trees — Part 1 : by Graham Neubig
2 types of tree structure on the input sequence

STFT of windowed signal

Network Routing (with Failures)

Types of Failures

  1. A packet (in particular, an advertisement) may get lost.
  2. A link could fail. Wire could have been destroyed etc.
  3. Node or switch might fail. (Maybe due to buggy software)
A least cost path from node 1 to 6

Network Routing (Without Failures)

A Simple Approach

MAC Protocols



MIT 8.02 Lecture 17 Packet Switching

Structured Prediction with Local independence Assumptions — Graham Neubig

Jeevesh Juneja

Searching 🧐 for the forgotten and lost truths

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